Lead Generation & Lead Management

Best Customer Interaction: Lead Generation & Lead Management

Do you want to acquire the right new customers in a targeted manner combined with a high degree of automation in order to make the most of your business potential?

We support you with professional lead management in the targeted acquisition of new customers suitable for you. We advise you by means of strategy workshops and a lead screening to take stock of the situation, on the basis of which the requirements relevant to you can be derived. On this basis, we design a DSGVO-compliant lead strategy (data, processes, systems, contact channels and campaigns). In the area of operational implementation, we help you with the conception, handling and reporting of data-based lead campaigns to generate contact data and addresses. This is done via digital marketing, social media marketing and at the point of sale using marketing automation software. Furthermore, we ensure that you use the right tools and technologies for you (e.g. via requirements definition and tool evaluation of lead tools & software) and support you in setting up and operating your lead tools & software.

Your added value and benefit of our Lead Generation & Lead Management offering:

  • Benefit from our expertise in designing and executing data-driven lead campaigns to generate contact data and addresses across channels via digital marketing, social media marketing and at the point of sale – we offer you all the necessary activities from a single source
  • Data protection compliance is mandatory for all CRM activities today – we design your lead and data processes to be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • With the technical prerequisites for a largely automated operation of your lead management, you are in a position to realize efficiency and optimization potentials in lead management and to execute automated lead campaigns with marketing automation software

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context:

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