Customer Management during times of crisis

Best Customer Strategy: Customer Management during times of crisis

Are you wondering what measures you can take in customer management to safeguard your company’s existence on the basis of adapted customer interaction – especially in times like the ongoing Corona crisis or generally difficult economic times?

Times of crisis force companies to act immediately by reducing costs in customer management and increasing revenues and efficiency. Be encouraged to use the current situation to further develop your CRM, customer interaction and customer analytics in order to take off after the crisis.

We can help you to identify and implement significant cost reduction and revenue enhancement potential.

Your added value and benefit of our offering Customer management in times of crisis:

We achieve potentials for cost reduction measures in close alignment with you

  • by exploiting changes in customer behavior towards online channels – cost reduction by minimizing offline channels
  • through targeted customer segmentation, experience shows that this can save up to 15 – 25 % of customer-related costs – sorting out “high-cost-low-reward” customers
  • by reviewing the current sales resource management or territory management

We realize increases in earnings

  • through crisis-based customer segmentation; as a result, customers with an offline affinity can be redirected to online channels in the short term and sales can be partially maintained
  • by expanding sales channels to external marketplaces (e.g. Amazon Marketplace)
  • through channel adaptation – services are converted to digital media

Efficiency improvements in CRM can be implemented

  • By shaping online customer behavior – “training” online-averse customers to be online-savvy with the help of information documents and assistance.
  • By completing 360° customer profiles – obtain missing customer data/consent now by clearly communicating the benefits.
  • by introducing software solutions that enable end-to-end online processing (consulting, contract conclusion, digital signature)

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context: