Customer Analytics

Best Customer Analytics & Insights: Customer Analytics

Do you want to target your customers more precisely and specifically, make relevant product offers and communicate with your customers via the right channels and touchpoints?

Customer insights, i.e. knowledge about relevant preferences and needs, preferred channels and the right times to approach your customers, are an essential prerequisite for the implementation of customer-centric customer interaction tailored to their needs. We are happy to support you throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle (customer acquisition, development, retention and recovery) with statistical analyses and models for gaining and using customer insights. This includes, for example, customer value calculation, determination of a needs-based customer segmentation, models for cross-/up-selling up to Next Best Action & Next Best Offer. By applying customer insights in a targeted customer interaction, you can realize a significant increase in revenue per customer while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Your added value and benefits of our Next Generation Customer Analytics offering:

  • Analytical customer insights are the “lubricant” of your “CRM machine” – only by knowing your customers’ preferences, needs, affinities and preferred touchpoints are you able to act in a customer-centric, targeted and individualized way in customer interactions and align your company with the customer
  • Statistical analyses and models can contribute to gaining knowledge and valuable options for action in customer management based on this knowledge in all phases of the customer life cycle (customer acquisition, development, retention, and recovery)
  • With customer insights, you can achieve targeted customer interactions, improved conversion rates of your marketing activities, and efficient use of marketing budgets – so you can achieve a significant increase in revenue per customer, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty compared to a non-analytical market approach

Customer Analytics

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