Business Cases & TCO

Best CRM Tools & Technology: Business Cases & TCO

Do you need a detailed business case for a CRM investment decision (e.g. CRM over-evaluation, introduction of an analytics suite) that compares benefits (qualitative and quantitative) and costs?

The calculation of a business case and the total cost of ownership (TCO) provides you with a structured and transparent set of tools to support your CRM investment decisions in more detail. This may be to justify an investment decision in comparison to a baseline scenario (status quo) or to substantiate a selection decision between different investment alternatives. We build the business case on available and measurable metrics, our best practice experience, and certain assumptions that we discuss and derive in expert workshops. Furthermore, the business case offers you the possibility to simulate different scenarios and the sensitivity analysis to change certain influencing variables in order to get a better feeling and higher transparency about the profitability of your CRM investment decision.

Your added value and benefit of our Business Cases & TCO offering:

  • The calculation of a business case and the total cost of ownership (TCO) helps you to make CRM investment decisions more transparently and show theimpact of the effects of cost and use in an objective and understandable way. With this you gain an important building block for creating a basis for decision-making with regard to the planned investment or for selecting from various investment alternatives.
  • Since every business case is based on certain assumptions in addition to measurable parameters and best practice experience, the structure of the business case with the option of changing the input variables gives you the option of simulating certain effects and impacts if assumptions should develop differently from the initially estimated values – by simulating such scenarios and sensitivity analyses, you gain an even deeper understanding of your investment decisions.
  • Involving stakeholders and subject matter experts in the creation of the business case can sharpen the common CRM understanding and is a first step in the change process that is so important in CRM projects.

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