Customer Loyalty

Best Customer Analytics & Insights: Customer Loyalty

Would you like to sustainably increase the loyalty of your customers and set up a suitable loyalty program based on customer insights or improve your complaint management?

We support you in the topic area of customer loyalty with the data-supported conception and further development of a loyalty program tailored to your customers. This can include, for example, statistical analyses and models to create a needs-based customer segmentation, affinity models for cross/upselling according to customer needs and preferences, and (micro-)geographic analyses and segmentations. Complaint management can also be an important driver of customer loyalty if it succeeds in triggering corresponding complaint satisfaction among complainants. This depends, among other things, on the complaint outcome, the accessibility and interaction quality of the complaint processes, and the speed of response to the complaint. In addition, the systematic analysis of complaint causes provides valuable insights and optimization potential for permanent quality assurance and improvement in your customer management. We would be happy to support you in the area of customer loyalty with the implementation of workshops, the technical conception and the relevant customer analytics components in order to work out the valuable customer insights for a loyalty program that is suitable for you.

Your added value and benefit from our Customer Loyalty offering:

  • Gain valuable customer insights to implement the right loyalty program for your customers – bringing you closer to the goal of demand-driven and customer-centric customer interaction and enabling you to strengthen your customers’ loyalty through personalized and relevant customer dialogue.

  • With an easily accessible and efficient complaint management system and a systematic analysis and evaluation of past complaints and reasons for complaints, you have a valuable quality management tool at hand for your processes, services and products, which helps you to reduce error costs sustainably.

  • If you do everything right in complaint management, satisfied complainants will thank you in part with higher customer loyalty than customers who have not yet expressed any problems with your products and services.

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context: