Data Driven Marketing

Best Customer Interaction: Data Driven Marketing

Do you want to take a more data-driven approach to your marketing in order to align it precisely with the needs of your customers and establish professional customer dialogs?

A complete, valid and usable data basis is the decisive prerequisite for Data Driven Marketing. We advise you on the development and implementation of a suitable data strategy. Furthermore, we create the process-related and tool-technical prerequisites for Data Driven Marketing. We support you throughout the entire data management process in questions of data collection, data processing and data use, e.g. on the efficient consolidation and use of customer data from different channels. From the customer data consolidated in this way, we create valuable customer insights via data analyses (e.g. via campaign analyses, website analyses, SEO analyses), which form the basis for data-based marketing. These are used to make your customer interaction measures personal, relevant and targeted, thus optimizing your marketing success. Using meaningful reports and dashboards with relevant KPIs, we enable continuous monitoring of the customer interaction measures carried out and thus lay the foundation for continuous improvement of your data-driven marketing.

Your added value and benefits of our Data Driven Marketing offering:

  • You use data-driven marketing to base your customer interaction measures on data and facts, which means that the impact and success of the measures can be continuously tracked using suitable KPIs – this gives you valuable insights into which things are working well and where there is potential for future optimization.
  • Via Data Driven Marketing you achieve a Closed Loop CRM to achieve continuous improvements in customer management through a “learning cycle” – this is done by data-driven planning, execution, analysis and optimization of all your actions and the use of these gained insights and optimization potentials in the next cycle of customer interaction.

  • Benefit from the conception and implementation of your Data Driven Marketing from a single source – we will be happy to support you in strategic-conceptual issues via the creation of a suitable technical infrastructure and adequate processes, as well as in operations by generating customer insights and implementing your customer interaction measures.

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context: