Digital Business Models

Best Digital Disruption: Digital Business Models

The Covid crisis and the ongoing megatrend of digitization will force you to be more innovative in your business model and to realize significant added value for your customers and your company with new business models.

BCM supports you as an incubator in the development of new ideas and business areas that both secure a strong positioning for your company in the market and provide your customers with tangible added value and an optimized customer experience.
Together with you, we identify new potentials, validate developed business models and take care of both the business plan and the agile development of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
Especially the approach we developed based on the reverse business case consideration, the “Return on Ignorance” ROI calculation, clarifies the question of what would happen to your company and business model if you did not invest in disruption and the digital future of your company.

Your added value and benefit based on our Digital Business Models offering:

  • Together with you, we answer the question “How much digitization does the customer expect and does your company need?”
  • Surviving the crisis and actively shaping the digital future. To ensure that you are one of the winners of the motto “Disrupt or be disrupted”, we support you in questions regarding innovative digital business models, in the dematerialization of conventional product worlds, but also in the development of a platform economy through the value-adding connection of the physical with the digital world.
  • Avoid Digital Darwinism“! Only those who adapt will survive.

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context: