BCM. Best Customer Management.

Who we are

BCM. Best Customer Management. GmbH stands for excellent management consulting along the entire customer value chain. Our commitment to the highest quality of consulting is confirmed by our recognition in the “brand eins Best Consultants List 2024”, which honours our continuous quality and performance in the boutique consulting sector.

In an era characterised by the megatrends of digitalisation and, above all, customer centricity, BCM. recommends itself as your indispensable strategic partner. We live in a time in which understanding and focussing on the customer is not only desirable, but essential for business success. Customer centricity, i.e. putting the customer at the centre of all business decisions, is a megatrend that is profoundly and permanently changing business life.


This approach requires companies to:

A deep understanding of their customers’ situations, perceptions and expectations in order to create products, services and experiences that not only satisfy, but inspire.

The development and implementation of customer-centred strategies that promote customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

This is how we move:

  • Focus on customer-centred transformation,
  • Holistic CRM for a comprehensive customer approach,
  • Innovative customer experience management that creates experiences,
  • Data-driven marketing for targeted campaigns,
  • Customer loyalty based on the fan principle for sustainable success,
  • CRM implementation projects and
  • Digital transformation projects that make you fit for the future.

BCM. offers ‘Strategy through Execution’, leading from the precise definition of your digital and customer strategy through to implementation, with a focus on customised project management, advanced customer analytics and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Our innovative BCM. Employee Experience Maturity Assessment extends the customer experience to include key aspects of the employee experience, creating a Total Experience that significantly improves your customer interactions. With this holistic method, we promote the customer experience in a targeted manner in order to support the long-term success of your company and secure it with innovative solutions. Because your success is our mission.

Our Promise

BCM. Best Customer Management. GmbH provides strategy-, process and technology consulting to executives, managing directors and board members of middle-class, national and international companies with the focus on customer-centric and digital transformation, CRM and customer experience.

  • Profound and innovative expertise in the subject area of customer-centric transformation, digital transformation, holistic CRM, customer experience management, agile project management and CRM tool implementations

  • Highest quality in consulting combined with a pragmatic way of working
  • Many years of industry and methodological expertise from a variety of projects combined with knowledge from trend research and academic studies
  • Best consultants for your project at attractive and fair rates

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inspired by the Fan Principle




Our promise

“BCM. offers first-class consulting at fair daily rates for your projects around CRM, CX, customer-centric & digital transformation, customer analytics but also CRM implementations and project management.
We know the market, we know your challenges and together with BCM. you will quickly achieve measurable success in shaping the future of your company in a customer-centric, active and successful way.”

Thomas Hamele, Managing Partner,
BCM. Best Customer Management. GmbH

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