CRM Tool Implementation & Project Management

Best CRM Tools & Technology: CRM Tool Implementation & Project Management

You want to implement a CRM tool or extend an existing CRM tool with additional functionalities?

We are happy to support you with CRM tool implementation and the associated project management. This includes, for example, the analysis of CRM processes and requirements assessment and documentation as well as prioritization based on the overall project goal. Furthermore, we support you in selecting a suitable implementation partner and by setting up and enforcing CRM rollout governance, scheduling and control logic. Depending on your needs, we manage your project using classic, agile or hybrid project management approaches. If you are still facing a CRM tool implementation, we are happy to offer you support in conducting a CRM tool evaluation or calculating a CRM business case.

Your added value and benefit of our CRM Tool Implementation & Project Management offering:

  • Based on proven process models, you receive support in transforming your business requirements into software requirements as the basis for CRM tool implementation, and according to the project management approach that best suits your desired way of working (classic, agile or hybrid project management approach).

  • Through in-depth business and industry knowledge combined with IT expertise from a single source, we keep an eye on holistic and customer-related CRM core processes that are optimally supported by the CRM tool – in doing so, we always evaluate the extent to which your requirements can be implemented in the solution approach through tool standards, customizing or only through individual programming.
  • You benefit from “lean project management” that limits the “overhead” to what is actually necessary – through sustainable tracking and controlling of concepts and processes, documentation of dependencies and proactive project risk management, you are nevertheless always aware of the critical success factors.

CRM Implementation Management

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