CRM Target Operating Model

Best Customer Strategy: CRM Target Operating Model

Are you facing the challenge of implementing and operationalizing your CRM strategy and using your CRM tools efficiently?

For the successful implementation of a Closed Loop CRM, it is important that all elements are aligned via a Target Operating Model. This is the only way you can use the levers of a customer-centric approach efficiently and completely. Our CRM Target Operating Model ensures seamless interaction between the elements of control, processes, organization, and resources with the required CRM technologies and data. This includes, for example, the structured analysis and optimization of your marketing, sales, and service processes, the definition of clear roles and responsibilities, and control based on customer-centric key performance indicators. This will enable your company to operationalize your CRM strategy and focus on your customers.

Your added value and benefit of our CRM Target Operating Model offering:

  • Your CRM Strategy is implemented through the CRM Target Operating Model by aligning people, processes, data, tools & technologies.
  • The CRM Target Operating Model significantly helps you to use your CRM tools efficiently by defining customer-related processes in a lean and unambiguous way and by clearly assigning roles and responsibilities for the employees who work with the tools and processes
  • The CRM Target Operating Model creates the opportunity to identify tactical and strategic potential for reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and enhancing flexibility

CRM Target Operating Model

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