Customer-centric CRM Processes

Best Customer Experience: Customer-centric CRM Processes

Would you like to offer your customers a consistently positive customer experience, but your customer-related processes and procedures are reaching their limits?

We will be happy to help you analyze your existing CRM core processes and identify process gaps as well as optimization and digitization potential. For example, if your CRM core processes still have many manual process steps, if there are slow pass through and response times, or if there is a lack of information transparency among the various process owners – we will work with you in process workshops with the relevant stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your current CRM processes. On this basis, we derive requirements for your CRM target processes, considering industry-specific best practice processes in marketing, sales and service. We then define your optimized and customer-centric end-to-end CRM processes, which we document and implement in consultation with you.

Your added value and benefits of our offering Customer-centric CRM processes:

  • You get an overview of your CRM core processes according to a structured criteria catalog that helps you identify process steps along the customer journey that cause a negative customer experience – be it, for example, through long process cycle times, media discontinuities, renewed collection of customer information that should already be known, or a multitude of customer contact persons in the course of the process (no single point of contact)
  • Based on this as-is analysis with identification of optimization and digitization potentials, we define customer-focused end-to-end CRM core processes with you, with the goal of a positive customer experience across the entire customer journey
  • Benefit from our detailed understanding of the industry and CRM in combination with process and IT know-how to design your CRM core processes holistically, as lean as possible and in the interest of your customers

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context:

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