Best Customer Analytics & Insights: NPS+

Do you appreciate the simplicity of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the survey, but would like to derive more in-depth statements for your customer management from the NPS?

With the NPS+, we provide you with a set of tools that combine the advantages of the NPS with the benefits and high significance of the „Fan Principle. This offers you the opportunity to continue using your customers’ existing NPS data and to enrich it with further customer insights without suffering structural breaks in the methodology and your reports. In combination with the NPS survey, we collect meaningful extended responses on the relationship quality of your customer relationships based on just seven questions derived from fan research using the scientifically sound „Fan Principle“. The entire survey is carried out in a lean manner for a part of the NPS respondents and can be transferred to your entire customer base using statistically validated methods. You can derive in-depth insights from the NPS+, so that it makes sense not to treat all promoters and all detractors in the same way, but rather that differentiated strategies in customer management make sense and are goal-oriented depending on their respective fan indicator.

Your added value and benefit of our NPS+ offering:

  • Based on NPS+, you combine the simplicity of data collection of the widely established NPS with the significantly expanded informative value of the „Fan Principle“ with regard to the relationship quality of your customer relationships.

  • The toolkit offers you much more differentiated options for action regarding different customer groups and makes it clear that the groups of promoters and detractors are inhomogeneous in themselves with regard to their relationship quality – it is worthwhile to differentiate more precisely here and to serve the right customers within these groups with the right measures to fulfill their respective central needs.

  • If you already work with the NPS and use it as a key performance indicator and in reports, you will not suffer any structural breaks in the methodology and history of your key performance indicator system with the implementation of the NPS+, but you will also benefit from an increased gain in knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

Other relevant components from our service portfolio in this context: