Touchpoint Management

Best Customer Experience: Touchpoint Management

With so many customer touchpoints in place, do you want to focus on those that contribute the most to a positive customer experience and are the most economically effective?

Within the framework of customer touchpoint management, we are happy to support you with these questions. The first step can be a descriptive analysis of the customer touchpoints, which systematically records all touchpoints in the respective phases and process steps of the customer journey. A survey of stakeholders and customers can then be used to evaluate and prioritize the touchpoints in terms of their scope and relevance. In an expansion stage, it is possible to enrich the touchpoint usage of different customer target groups with customer profile data in order to achieve a forecast of the touchpoint effectiveness and an optimal customer experience for the respective customer target groups. Overall, touchpoint management helps to optimize the “touchpoint mix” from a business perspective and to allocate the marketing budget to the most effective touchpoints to achieve a positive customer experience.

Your added value and benefit of our Touchpoint Management offering:

  • You obtain a complete overview of all existing customer touchpoints along the customer journey, which are often managed by different organizational units – this holistic understanding is important, because from the customer’s point of view and the perceived customer experience, internal organizational structures are irrelevant – what matters more is a coherent, targeted presence across the different touchpoints
  • Important touchpoints from the company’s point of view do not necessarily have to have a high priority from the customer’s point of view – by surveying internal company stakeholders and external customers & prospects you get a comparison of these two perspectives and can prioritize the customer touchpoints in the interest of your customers
  • Customer Touchpoint Management is the basis for optimizing your “touchpoint mix” from a business perspective and thus allocating your marketing budget to the most important and effective customer touchpoints

Touchpoint Management

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