BCM. visiting The Access Group. Richard Owen and Thomas Hamele exchanged views on the current and relevant topic of “Churn Management”.

Two experts discussing and exchanging thougts on: Why, when and which CRM – technology adds value to reduce churn risk for customers, prospects and revenue.

Invest 20 minutes for the summary of the expert deep dive with concrete solution approaches and the presentation of the BCM. Tool – Analyzer.

Especially if you have these and similar goals planned in 2023:

– Developing new business either with existing customers or with a new marketing campaign.

– Better understand your customers and your market

– Create more accurate forecasts to make better business decisions

– Minimize risk on projects (make all financial, project and communication details available in one place)

Introducing: The Access Group

The company is a leading provider of fully integrated business management software. Its portfolio includes solutions for ERP, finance, HR, payroll, inventory, business intelligence, professional services automation and manufacturing. More than 10,000 UK businesses and non-profits use Access solutions to improve performance and profitability and drive growth by unlocking their business potential through improved business insights.